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Curated by a board-certified dermatologist

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Over $100 retail value of skincare products guaranteed in every box.

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Chosen carefully by a dermatologist with safety and effectiveness in mind.


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Our Story.
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Dr. Fahs, also known as Dermy Doctor, is a board-certified dermatologist who has a passion for helping people find quality and effective skincare.

As a dermatologist on social media, Dr. Fahs has seen a fair share of misinformation online when it comes to beauty and skincare recommendations.

She's made it her mission to cut through the noise and sift through the thousands of products in the beauty aisles.

The Dermy Doc Box promise is to simplify the process of searching for quality, effective skincare by delivering dermatologist-curated products from top beauty brands directly to your door every season.

What's Inside?

$100 Skincare Retail Value

Five or more Dermy Doctor approved skin and hair care products that are a total minimum retail value of over $100.

Science of Skincare Card

Dermy Doctor will teach you about a hot skincare topic pertaining to the season's box

How-To Pamphlet

A pamphlet written by Dermy Doctor, that details each product, its benefits, the star ingredients, and tips on how to use the products. 

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive discount codes from featured retailers.

What people say

"I’m obsessed with trying new skincare, but I don’t always know what to buy. I love that the Dermy Doc box products are hand chosen by a board certified dermatologist! This box does not disappoint! Never any harsh or harmful ingredients, just decadent yet effective skincare products at an amazing price."


"I was looking for a new skincare routine but wasn’t sure who to trust. I was excited to give Dermy Doc Box a try and I’m so glad I did. There is a variety of Products to try and use not only skin care products. I started using new products on my skin and I feel my skin looks healthier now! My skin is more hydrated now and glowing! At a reasonable price. "


"There are so many choices when it comes to skin care. I love trying new skin care products knowing that they are recommended by a dermatologist! It takes out the guesswork! The boxes are beautifully packaged and have the added touch of additional information from Dermy Doc! I can’t wait to receive the next box!"


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