The TOP 4 Ways to Overcome Dry Skin this Winter

#1 Carry moisturizer in your purse or on the go

The problem with keeping our skin moisturized in the winter is that we never have any on hand when we really need it! If your moisturizer is just sitting in your bathroom, you’re probably not using it as often as you should be. In the cooler months, I place moisturizer in my glove compartment and in my work bag. I always end up spotting my dry hands when they are on the steering wheel and it’s a great reminder to get them moisturized. 

#2 Apply cream under socks before bed

The colder weather also tends to contribute to dryness and cracking of our feet, especially roughness on the heels. An easy wintertime hack is to keep a foot cream and some cotton at your nightstand. Apply a generous layer of cream onto your feet when you get into bed and cover them with cotton socks so that it all gets absorbed into your skin overnight. 

Take this hack a step further by using a foot cream with exfoliants to smooth and heal your feet quicker, one of my favorites is in our Winter box

#3 Add moisture to the air with a humidifier 

Toasty homes are cozy, but the heat being on in the house also means drier skin. You can mitigate this by placing a cold air humidifier in your bedroom. The cold air will help keep your skin moisturized while you sleep. Be sure to keep these devices clean so they don’t harbor mold over time!

#4 Switch out your scented hand soaps

Listen, I know plenty of you are guilty of buying those smelly, scented hand soaps from a certain store that also sells scented lotions and candles. I get it, they smell nice, there are cute seasonal products that are so tempting to buy. But irritating hand soaps + hot water + dry winter weather are a recipe for disaster. Swap those out for a gentle hand soap, especially if you struggle with eczema or dry hands! We featured a favorite of mine from Dove in our Fall 2022 Box. 

Let us count the ways to overcome dry skin. Which of these do you wish you were doing more of?