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The Top 5 Skincare Tips for Beach Days and Pool parties

The Top 5 Skincare Tips for Beach Days and Pool parties

Hey there, sunshine lovers! Before you hit the sands or dive into that cool, refreshing pool, let’s chat about keeping your skin as happy as your mood when you’re living it up under the great golden orb in the sky. 

We all know that aloe gel after a sunburn is as useful as a Pinterest recipe during a kitchen disaster, but wouldn't you rather avoid the burn in the first place? Let’s circle up and dive into my top skincare tips to keep you glowing – not roasting – during your next beach day or pool extravaganza.

1. SPF: Your BFF

Slather on that sunscreen like it's the last scoop of guac at a pool party! Broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher is the golden ticket, shielding your precious skin from UVA and UVB rays. And here's the trick – reapply every two hours, or more if you're taking a dip or working up a sweat. Think of it as refreshing your drink, but for your skin. We have loads of sunscreen goodies in our Summer Dermy Doc Box. 😘

2. H2O: Drink Up Buttercup

Water isn’t just for the fishies, my friends. Hydrate like you’re a plant with a dream to become the tallest tree in the forest. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water throughout the day to keep your skin (and the rest of you) well-hydrated. Your skin cells will thank you by not shriveling up like raisins.

3. Shade: Take a Time-Out

Every idol needs a break from the spotlight. Seek refuge under a beach umbrella or a fancy cabana to give your skin some much-needed downtime. Use this opportunity to sip some cool water, catch up on a chapter of your book, or just admire the waves. Your skin appreciates these little shady vacations.

4. Antioxidant Power-Up

Time to level up your sun protection with a cheat code called antioxidants! And I'm not just talking about slathering potions on the outside. Taking an oral antioxidant, like polypodium leucotomos, acts like a power shield for your skin cells. Check out the Inner Glow Vitamin Gummies from our Summer Box – they're like little nutritional superheroes for your skin, boosting your sun defense from the inside out. Just remember, they complement, not replace, your trusty SPF!

5. After-Sun Care: Keep the Glow, Lose the Ow

After basking in the sun's glory, treat your skin to a soothing after-sun product. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, and chamomile to calm any inflammation and keep your skin as serene as the sea at sunrise. This step is like giving your skin a nice cool-down session after a sunny workout. Don't forget to moisturize your lips with an emollient rich ointment overnight too!

Now that you’re armed with these beach-proof skincare tips, go out and make some waves! Just remember, skincare is like a dance: it’s all about the right steps. Keep these moves in your routine, and your skin will be the life of every pool party and beach lounging sesh. Stay sun-safe, stay hydrated, and as always, shine like the star you are (with a little help from SPF, of course).


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