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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth and Health

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth and Health

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth and Health

Breaking Myths, Building Confidence

It's time to pivot our focus from the skin to the crowning glory that frames our beautiful faces - our hair! Hair health is just as important as skin health so let's dive into learning more about what makes our hair so unique.

The Three Musketeers: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen

The life of your hair is an exciting journey composed of three main stages. In the Anagen phase, which lasts from 3 to 5 years, 90% of our hair is actively growing. In the subsequent Catagen phase, the hair begins to bid goodbye as it pulls away from its follicular roots, halting growth. The final stage, known as the Telogen phase, is a 3-5 month period of rest for the hair, ultimately culminating in the shedding of the hair.

Does the sight of hair on your shower floor send shivers down your spine? Worry not! Losing around 50-150 hairs each day is actually the hair fulfilling its natural lifecycle! If you're losing more, you might be experiencing ‘telogen effluvium' or excessive hair shedding, which is often due to stress, pregnancy, medications, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid abnormalities, illness or even surgery. The Nioxin Ultimate Power Serum which can be found in our Winter Box is proven to help improve hair anchorage and decrease hair shedding!

Fun Fact: Did you know that around 5-10% of your hair is in the Telogen or resting phase at any given time? So shedding is simply part of the natural hair growth cycle.  

Tips for Luscious Locks

Hair care is not just about the right products but also about adopting healthy habits.

1. Oily Hair, Dry Hair

Love a good hair wash? So do we! But how often should you wash your hair? It all depends on your hair type. If you have oily hair, you might need to wash your hair more frequently compared to those with dry or chemically treated hair. Your shampoo should essentially clean your scalp, while conditioner softens the ends of your hair. A tip for those with fine hair - only use conditioner at the tips to avoid a limp look.

2. Brush Less, Smile More

Did you grow up believing in the 100-strokes-a-day hair myth? It's time for some myth-busting: brush and comb your hair only as much as needed to style it.

3. Be Gentle

Frequent and tight ponytails look stylish but can lead to hair tension and eventual hair loss. Opt for loose and comfortable hairstyles instead.

4. Heat Defense

Your hair strives to look good just like you do! So, whether you're blow drying or curling your hair, always use a heat-protectant serum to avoid breakage and maintain moisture.

5. Eat Right

Empower your locks from within! A diet rich in protein (think fish, beans, meat, and eggs) is a great first step towards healthier and stronger hair.

6. Consult the Experts

I saw a need among my patients and those on social media for quality, effective skincare without the hassle. The same applies to hair care. If you are experiencing uncontrolled pain, itching, or excessive hair shedding, it's time to consider an in-person evaluation with a dermatologist.

Remember, your hair tells a story about your overall health and lifestyle. Here's to celebrating the art and science behind maintaining and enhancing it! Let's embark on this journey together, nurturing our hair not just on the outside, but from within. As always, keep those tresses happy!

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