Welcome to the Dermy Doc Blog! I'm Excited to Share Skin Care Tips, Tricks, and Trends with You!

I am incredibly excited to announce the start of our new blog at Dermy Doc Box! It has always been my goal to give you the confidence and knowledge to build the perfect skincare routine. With so many new skincare trends and products available, it can be intimidating to even walk down the skincare aisle or browse online. 

More than that, it can feel incredibly difficult to figure out what’s right for you and how to incorporate it into your routine. It’s easy easy to get led astray in this growing skincare market. 

I will use this platform alongside the Dermy Doc Box subscription, Science of Skincare series, and more to help you on the path to beautiful skin. 

 So, what kind of topics can you expect to see? I will cover a broad range of topics with the sole purpose of helping you craft the perfect skincare routine. These will include day and nighttime  skincare routines, tips and tricks for your  skin type, debunking skincare myths, and many more!

 You can trust me and my team to help you become intentional with your skincare purchases and habits. I put in all the behind the scenes work and research with everything I do and the same will be true for this blog series. 

I am very excited for the first two blogs I will be releasing – What’s My Skin Type? And The Benefits of Vitamin C Serum.

It means the world to have so many of you trust me with your beautiful skin, and I work every day to keep earning that trust. It’s my goal to continue to disseminate accurate skincare education and busy beauty myths so that you can make the most educated choices when it comes to choosing your products. 

With so much incorrect information online and ridiculous product claims, it is my pledge to you that you can always come back to Dermy Doc Box for real information, knowledge, and results. Every single product, routine, or piece of information I share with you will be vetted and have your best interest in mind. 

I cannot wait to continue this journey with you and see your beautiful glowing throughout the year. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover in the future, leave your suggestions in the comments!